Which are the Captivating and Tranquil Islands Getaways of India

Updated on Dec 20, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

When people think of the islands on the Indian subcontinent they are mostly thinking only of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the Lakshadweep Islands. But there are actually so many more islands in India that many people have not even heard of. Beautiful, mesmerizing, calm, and serene, these islands are the perfect getaway place when you want to spend a vacation at a place that has not been fully commercialized and where you can witness the beauty of nature while spending some quality time either by yourself or with the significant people in your life. Water sports, walks by the ocean, captivating sunsets and sunrises, and lazy days spent with a book, you can do it all on these Indian Islands for Tourists. Here is a list of some of the Best Lesser Known Indian Islands for Tourists.

Diu Island

Part of the Daman and Diu Union Territory, this is an island off of Gujarat’s Southern Coast, separated from it by a tidal creek. The island evokes a very Portuguese feel as most of it was developed under the colonial rule of the Portuguese and there are many remnants of the colonial era left on the island, from its architecture to the overall culture of the place. The beaches can get quite crowded with tourists but the town is otherwise peaceful and quiet and you would feel yourself transported to a quaint little Portuguese town while here. There are quite a few places to sightsee in Diu, some of them being Diu Fort, which was built by the Portuguese in alliance with the Sultan of Gujarat in defense from the Mughal Emperor, Humayun; Fortim do Mar or Sea Fort, a stone structure built in the sea which also has a lighthouse and chapel; churches such as St. Paul’s Church with its Gothic architecture and St. Thomas Church with antique statues and stone inscriptions, a part of which is now an archeological museum; and Zampa Gateway, which is a historically significant landmark.

St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka

This cluster of four islands in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe in Udulpi, Karnataka, that have not yet come on most tourists’ radar. They are fascinating because they are home to a geological monument in India. There is a basaltic rock formation cut in the shape of a hexagon on the island that is a remnant of the basaltic lava that had been created by subvolcanic activity 88 years ago on Madagascar which used to be attached to India. These rocks are formed as tall columns on the island, the tallest being 6 meters in height. But other than this interesting structure found on the island, there are also ruins of temples and ruins of ancient forts, and the Malpe Beach with its silvery sand. You can’t, however, stay on the island but should instead stay in Malpe in Udulpi from where you can take a ferry to the island to explore it.

Majuli Island, Assam

Majuli Island is a river island and the biggest river island in the world at that. It’s quite unique and visiting this island would be quite a different experience than visiting any other island because there are no beaches here or seafood, which are some of the biggest attractions of islands. Instead here you’ll get to explore Assamese culture while on an island separated from mainland Assam and a coast suffused by moss and grass instead of sand. You won’t find any hotels here but the island is famous for its Satras, which are Neo vaishnavite temples as well as cultural centers which offer guest rooms for tourists, so visiting this island will be a totally immersive experience.

Ponnumthuruthu Island, Kerala

Also known as the Golden Island, this island is surrounded by Kerala’s Anjengo backwaters near Trivandrum. The island has an ancient temple which frequently brings devotees to the island, which is otherwise uninhabited and can be reached by a ferry. The ferry through the backwaters itself is a pleasant experience and the island’s stretch of beaches are forever sandy and filled by birds chirping and also lush greenery, red cliffs, and mineral springs. You can visit this island while on a holiday in Varkala, which also has many interesting places to explore.

Pambam Island, Tamil Nadu

This island, also known as Rameshwaram Island, lies between India and Sri Lanka and is part of the Rameshwaram district of Tamil Nadu. Its main town receives a lot of pilgrims along with Rameshwaram. It overlooks the stunning Bay of Bengal and the sea-bridge that connects it to Tamil Nadu is the longest sea-bridge of India, known as the Pamban Channel. The island is also part of the legends of Lord Rama building a bridge to Sri Lanka, which was known as Rama Setu and is now thought to be Adam’s Bridge. But other than legends and important temples, the island is also full of mesmerizing, solitary beaches dotted by coconut trees.

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