Must See Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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Islands of the Indian Ocean - The archipelago of more than three hundred isles, makes the chain of these islands one of the less explored places of the world, with tourism only increasing recently in this territory of India.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

It wouldn't be wrong to say that Andamans and Nicobar Islands are indeed the emerald jewels shining bright in the deep blue waters of the Indian ocean.

Beautiful beaches with waters in the unseen shades of blue, and the good company of clear sky and tropical forest views; saying this is actually an understatement while expressing these natural wonders located somewhere in the deepest and the most gorgeous side of the ocean.

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Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are a set of a number of islands, an archipelago located on the southern part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman Islands are the ones witnessing rising popularity in the whole archipelago, among travellers from India and abroad, with most of the place’s attractions located around this part of the territory.

Some of the prettiest beaches of the place are located on North Bay Island, located in the south of the archipalago, with a chance to dive right into the clear waters of the Anadaman sea, getting a close glimpse of beautiful corals and marine life of the place. The Andamans is also home to mangrove forests and limestone caves located on one of its islands named Baratang, which is also the native place of the regional tribe, called the Jarawa tribe of the Andamans, one of the largest tribes of the islands.

Besides, the capital of the South Andaman district, Port Blair, has enough attractions for a day’s tour, with a Marine Park Museum and a prison from the colonial times located at its center. Port Blair has many nearby islands with natural reserves and tropical forests, which can be visited from the abundant facilities available in the island’s capital itself.

World’s Best Beaches

Andaman Islands Must see Havelock, Port Blair and Neil Island in Andaman Islands Elephant Beach in Havelock Islands, Andaman

Most tourist attractions of the Indian archipelago are located solely on the Andaman islands, with world renowned and some of the best beaches of Asia. Radhanagar Beach is one of the blue flag beaches of India, making it in the list of the eight blue flag beaches around the country.

Located in the south of the Bay of Bengal, the Havelock and Neil islands are some famous places for scuba diving and glass boat ride through the reefs, with their pristine white sand beaches, many of which generally observe very few crowd of tourists.

Sea walking and diving are popular activities in these islands of Andamans, with many of the world's best beaches located on this part of the island. One of the other famous places of the Andamans is the Redskin Island, known for its Marine National Park, wildlife and glass boat tours with exquisite visuals of colourful corals.

The hundreds of kilometres long archipelago has Andamans to its north and Nicobar to its south. Most of the tourist attractions and known beaches lie on the north side of the Andamans, with the areas of Nicobar and Great Nicobar in the south being off limits to outside public.

Untouched by Man

The North Sentinel Island, one of islands in the Andaman archipelago, is the home of Sentinelese people, the indigineous tribe of the region who are believed to have never experienced any human contact from the outside of the island.

The Sentinelese tribe, residing in both the North and South Sentinel Island, have voluntarily secluded themselves from any human interaction, seemingly since forever. The Island is one of the heavily protected areas by the Government, with the Sentinelese tribe being considered as the last contacted people of the earth!

Nicobar Islands

Car Nicobar Island Car Nicobar Island

The Nicobar Islands located on the south of the Bay of Bengal, are a set of islands separated from Thailand by the Andaman sea on the west. Islands of Nicobar are the secluded territories and uninhabited places, with only the access allowed to tribes and natives of the region.

Car Nicobar, the capital of Nicobar Islands, though is a developed place with basic amenities available but the islands of Nicobar have remained off limits to any person from India or abroad. The Nicobarese people are one of the primitive tribes of India, and the process of adapting to the outside world by its people is still in progress with various Government restrictions considering any activity on this part island territory

Andaman Islands, with its perfect beaches and activities make up for a fun-filled vacation spot in all seasons, although the best season to visit the place lies in the months of October to May. Exploring the less known parts of the islands or visiting the popular places, both are a way of observing the breathtaking views with a picture perfect memory to take back home.

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