Why is Karnataka Ranking High for Sightseeing

Updated on Dec 20, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

Karnataka is a popular tourist destination in India that is famous for its ruins of temples dating back to ancient Indian Empires which have led to the state having the status of having being the state with the second most number of protected monuments in India, for its modern cities which form the hub of India’s frontier technology and start ups, and it even offers tourists hill stations and beaches to feast their eyes and other senses on. Karnataka has been ranked third amongst the top five tourist states in India, so it should certainly be high on your list of places to visit in India.  Since Karnataka has got so many places that you can visit while you are in the state, here is a short list of some of the most popular places for sightseeing in Karnataka for tourists.


Anybody who is interested in history and ancient empires must pay visit to Hampi in Karnataka which is an ancient village full of ruins from the Vijayanagar Empire of which it was the capital in around 1500 AD. Some historians and archeologists even believe that it was the second largest city in the entire world at that time. Now all that is left of the ancient city are ruins of temples and other monuments but its historical significance is great. The ancient monuments, beautifully carved temples such as the Virupaksha Temple, which is one of the most popular temples in Hampi, and such remains of the ancient city as canals, military barracks, stables, etc. are bound to be fascinating to anyone visiting the place. There are almost no modern establishments in the area so the experience of witnessing Hampi is truly authentic and it really feels as if you are standing in the ancient city itself.


Karnataka is actually full of explored hill stations but the most popular hill station in Karnataka is Coorg or Kodagu as it is now officially known. A district in Mysore, it is located amongst the Western Ghats in Southwestern Karnataka. Blue misty hills, rivers running through, lush forests, and coffee and spice plantations all make the place a charming tourist attraction. While holidaying in Coorg you must make sure to visit the top tourist destinations in Coorg, which are Abbey Falls, which is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by the Western Ghats and coffee plantations; Golden Temple, which is a huge Tibetan Monastery a little way off from Coorg; Talakaveri, from where the Kaveri River originates; Raja’s Seat, which is a beautiful garden in Madikeri where the kings and queens of Kodagu used to spend leisurely time in olden days; and you can also go for river rafting in Coorg in Barapole River.


Gokarna is traditionally a Hindu pilgrimage site but the town is also full of breathtaking beaches that have started attracting tourists to the town. These beaches dotted by palm trees are right outside the main town and offer a peaceful and serene way of relaxation to the tourists. As these beaches are not too commercialized or jam packed with tourists yet you can have a solitary and quiet vacation here and enjoy time with yourself or with a loved one. The best beaches in Gokarna that you must visit are Kudle Beach and Om Beach.


Mysore or Mysuru is another city in Karnataka that is replete with historical significance because of the remains of ancient empires here. It is full of places where history seems to shine through, especially many palaces, which is why it is also known as the City of Palaces. One of the largest princely states in British India, every place in Mysore evokes layers upon layers of history. You just can’t call your holiday in Karnataka finished until you’ve done some sightseeing in Mysore. The most popular places to see in Mysore are the Mysore Palace, where the royal family of Mysore used to live, and whose architecture is of the Indo-Saracenic or Indo-Gothic style; Brindavan Gardens, which was constructed by the Diwan of Mysore in 1932; and Somanathapura Temple, which is a Vaishnav Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and dating back to the 13th century when the Hoysala Empire ruled the place.


Bangalore has over the years become the Silicon Valley of India and it is one of the most modern metropolises of India. There’s a plethora of things to be explored here, from pretty parks, such as Cubbon Park or the Botanical Gardens of Lalbagh, and lakes to restaurants and cafes, street food corners, and pubs and clubs. There is also a huge commercial district in the city owing to its status as the hub of IT in India. Other places that you can explore here are MG Road for shopping, Bangalore Palace, which is an architectural marvel from 1878; and UB Mall which is a luxury mall where you can get all sorts of high-end branded products or have a luxurious spa and dining experience.

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