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Updated on May 13, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

The passport holders of Peru are fortunate enough to travel to India from Peru with an Indian Visa which can be gained online. The Indian Government added Peruvians in the list of nations whose citizens can apply for an Indian digital Visa and gain one according to their purpose of travel to the beautiful country.

Whether a traveller wants to experience the fantastic weather of Bengaluru, or whether they want to roam around in Agra and click pictures with the Taj Mahal, the travellers can do it all if they have a valid Visa to enter the country. 

The system of gaining an Indian Visa digitally is extremely simple and effortless. The applicants will not have to take a lot of time out for applying for an Indian E-Visa which can be observed in fulfilling the procedures of other means of gaining a valid Visa. 

The applicants belonging to Peru will gain the Indian E-Visa via email. So they do not have to go anywhere to collect the document. Through the Indian E-Visa, the applicant is given the surety that they will not have to stand in long queues at the airport immigration department during arrival as the Visa will be present with the applicant in advance.

Government of India allows visit to India by applying for Indian Visa online on this website for several purposes. For example if your intention for travelling to India relates to a commercial or business purpose, then you are eligible to apply for Indian Business Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Business). If you are planning to go to India as a medical visitor for medical reason, consulting doctor or for surgery or for your health, Government of India has made Indian Medical Visa Online available for your needs (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Medical purposes). Indian Tourist Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Tourist) can be utilised for meeting friends, meeting relatives in India, attending courses like Yoga, or for sight-seeing and tourism.

What Type Of Indian E-Visa Can A Peru Passport Holder Apply For Travelling To India From Peru 

Under the Indian E-Visa means of gaining an Indian Visa, the applicant can expect a good number of Visa types for which they can apply. 

Before the Peru passport holder applies for any kind of Indian E-Visa, they need to gain complete information about it to make sure that their Visa type will fulfil their travel motive to India in the best way possible. 

The Indian E-Visa should not only be gained based on the purpose or motive of visit to the country. But the length of stay in the country should also be considered. Since each Visa type offers a different length of stay, the applicant can choose a Visa type which will give them enough time in the country to fulfil their various pursuits. 


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E-Tourist Visa For The Peru Passport Holders For Travelling To India From Peru 

If the Peru passport holder decides to gain an E-Tourist Visa for travelling to India, then they should know that they will be enabled to gain the following benefits in the country:- 

  • The Indian E-Visa meant for tourists will enable them to enter the country for more than one time in the period for which it will remain valid. 
  • This Visa is a valid permit for the passport holders of Peru to temporarily reside in the country for three continuous months. 
  • The E-Tourist Visa is the perfect Visa for fulfilling all the travel and tourism related activities in the country. This will also include the various leisure activities. 
  • The Indian Electronic Visa which is meant for the tourists and travellers in the country can enter the country within 365 days from the date on which the Visa was approved by the Indian Government. 

E-Business Visa For The Peru Passport Holders For Travelling To India From Peru 

With the Indian E-Visa meant for the businessman from Peru, the Peruvians can gain the following perks and advantages in the country:- 

  • The Indian Business Visa which is usually granted to those individuals whose central motive of arriving in India is business will be allowed to enter the country for two times in the entire time span for which the Visa will be considered valid as indicated in the Indian E-Visa document itself. 
  • The Indian Business Visa will permit the Peru passport holders to stay in India and establish their business or flourish their business (along with many other business related activities) for  six months as max. 
  • This period for which the traveller can temporarily stay in the country will be calculated from the day on which they will take their first entrance in India. 
  • The Indian E-Business Visa, as the name suggests, will be the most suitable Visa type for all the businessmen from Peru who want to indulge in:- buying and selling, trade, recruitment, attending business meetings, etc.
  • The Peru passport who have applied for this Visa type should be made aware of the fact this Visa type will allow them to come and go from India for one year from which the Visa was issued to them.


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E-Medical Visa For The Peru Passport Holders For Travelling To India From Peru 

The India E-Medical Visa is a special kind of Visa which allows the patients from Peru entering India to gain the following benefits:- 

  • This Visa type will provide permission to the Visa holder to arrive in India three times over the validity period of the Electronic Visa. 
  • The E-Medical Visa for Peru passport holders can gain a short term medical treatment from the top medical institutes in India for two months from the date of issue of the Visa. 
  • The E-Medical Visa for Peru passport holders is the best for those patients, suffering from a disease or illness, to gain the best medical assistance or hospitalisation for their medical condition. 
  • The Indian E-Medical Visa also has a Visa type closely associated with it which is known as the Indian Medical Attendant Visa online. This Visa is usually granted to those Peru passport holders who are planning to enter India with the Indian E-Medical Visa holder. 
  • The total validity period of this Visa type is one hundred and twenty days. 

The E-Medical Attendant Visa For Peru Passport Holders For Travelling To India From Peru 

This Visa type is closely related and almost similar to the Indian E-Medical Visa. The only difference between both these Visa types is that one is granted to the patient from Peru. And the second one granted to the family member or relative of the Peru patient who will be accompanying them to India for their medical treatment. 

The Peru passport holders will be allowed to apply for any type of Indian E-Visa provided they hold the necessary documents for. And also fulfil the necessary requirements and essentials. 


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What Are The Documents Needed For Applying For An Indian E-Visa For The Peru Passport Holders 

To successfully send a completed and correct Indian E-Visa application request, the Peru passport holders need to stay in possession of the following documents and will also be required to be considered eligible for the Indian E-Visa by sticking to the following guidelines:- 

  • The number one essential document that every Peru passport holder should hold to gain an Indian E-Visa is a passport which is issued to them from Peru. As Peru citizens, even if they possess two different passports, they will be required to fill the Indian E-Visa application form using their Peru passport only. 
  • The details and information mentioned in the Indian E-Visa application form should be copied from the Peru passport only. 
  • A current and well-functioning email ID. All the updates about the Indian E-Visa will be given to the Peru passport holder through their email address and in their email inbox. Thus, a current and well-functioning email ID is extremely important for the Indian E-Visa application procedures. 
  • A valid credit card or debit card. Since each Indian digital Visa type will charge a certain amount of fees to the applicant, the Peru passport holder needs to make sure that they have a valid credit card or debit card to fill this fee. Since cash will not be considered as an acceptable mode of payment, an online transaction should be done using a credit card or a debit card. 

Each Indian digital Visa applicant from Peru needs to kindly note down that after an approved Visa has been granted to the traveller, it stays electronically linked to the passport. This passport is the one which was used for filing the Indian E-Visa application form and other formalities. 

The Visa will not be transferred to any other passport of any other nation that the traveller might be in possession of. Thus the applicants who have dual citizenship or nationality should note that only one passport needs to be used for completing the Indian E-Visa application form. And in this case, it is the Peru passport. 

The Peru passport which was used to complete the procedures of the Indian E-Visa should be the same Peru passport that is carried by the Peru traveller on their trip to India. 

Based on what kind of Indian E-Visa the applicant from Peru is applying for, they will need to provide some additional documents along with the standard documents required which can be listed as follows:- 

  • A latest passport size photograph of the Peru applicant. This photo needs to be in colour and this photo needs to show the entire face of the applicant from. The background of the Visa needs to be white in colour. The photograph will be required of the application of each Indian digital Visa type. 
  • A Business card. And a Business letter. The business letter should be addressed to the Peru applicant from the business organisation that is inviting the Peru traveller to do business with them in India. 
  • A medical letter. This letter should also be addressed to the Peru patient from the side of the medical organisation that will be providing medical treatment to the patient. This letter needs to have the letterhead of the hospital or the medical institute. 


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How Much Time Does It Take For The Indian Digital Visa To Be Processed And Approved For The Peru Passport Holder From India 

The time taken for which an Indian E-Visa application form can be filled is only ten to fifteen minutes. The applicants should make sure that they have all the important documents ready. And also have all the details ready which will be used to fill the question fields in the Indian E-Visa application form. 

As soon as the Peru passport holder submits the completed Indian E-Visa application questionnaire. And providing the important documents along with paying the Visa fees, they can expect their Visa to get approved speedily in less than four business days. Since many Indian E-Visa types require the applicants to attach extra documents, the time taken to get a processed and approved Visa may increase. 

The Peru passport holders are also recommended to apply for an Indian E-Visa in advance so that they can receive the Visa as soon as possible without facing any possible delays. Seven days in advance can be considered as an ideal time in advance to apply for an Indian E-Visa. 

What Is The Application Process Of The Indian E-Visa For The Passport Holders Of Peru 

To apply for an Indian E-Visa, the Peru passport holder should go through three to four simple steps which takes not more than thirty to forty minutes in general. The entire application process can be done online from the luxury of the applicants' home or office. 

As the first step, the applicant will have to fill an Indian E-Visa application form which can be gained from an online Indian E-Visa website. This form can be filled from a mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc. 

In the application form, the Peru passport holder will find different sections containing different fields which will be asking various questions about the Peru applicants' personal details, travel plans, passport information and much more. 

The fields present in the Indian E-Visa application form include:- 

  • Full name. This name should be copied exactly from the Peru passport and should not be altered in any form. Even the format of the first name, middle name and the last name should be copied from the passport itself.
  • Marital status of the Peruvian passport holder. 
  • Religion 
  • Date of birth of the Peru applicant which should be copied from the passport only. 
  • Place of birth of the Peru passport holder should also be copied from the passport. 
  • Passport country. In this case, it will be Peru. 
  • Passport number. This should also be copied from the Peru passport of the applicant. 
  • Passport expiration date. Copy it as it has been mentioned in the passport. 
  • Passport date of insurance. 
  • Purpose of visit to India. For this field, the applicant can mention travel and tourism, business or medical purposes. 
  • Intended port of entry and port of exit. These questions should be filled by mentioning the port through which the Peru applicant will take entry in the country. With the port of entry, the applicant will also be required to mention the port of exit. Usually, the port of entry and exit is the same for almost every traveller from different parts of the world. 
  • Intended arrival date. The Peru passport holder needs to mention the date on which they will be arriving in India for this question. 

After all the three essential steps of the Indian E-Visa which is 1. Application form filing. 2. Essential document submission. 3. Payment of the Indian E-Visa fees has been done, the request for the approval of the Indian E-Visa will be processed by the Indian Government. 

Once the Indian electronic Visa has been processed and approved, the Visa will be sent via the email medium. A notification regarding this will be sent to the Peru applicant so that they will be enabled to print the Indian E-Visa out. 

A digital copy of the Indian E-Visa is usually present in the email which can be converted into a hard copy format by printing it out on a piece of paper. 


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India Visa For The Peruvian Passport Holders Summary 

The Indian Electronic Visa application procedure is an easy process which contains only three to four steps to fulfil and can be done in the matter of minutes if the all the essential information and documents are kept ready by the Peru passport holder for the purpose of filling the Indian E-Visa application form and to attach the documents as well.

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