How visitors can travel to India on a Visa post COVID – Air Bubbles

Updated on Dec 20, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

Executive Summary

From August 2020 India has starting easing restrictions on travel after COVID. Indian Nationals can now come back to their home country. New arrangements are called “Air Bubble” arrangements.

Restrictions on the entry of OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) with which India has an air-bubble arrangement has now been revoked, thus freeing OCI to enter India.

Additionally, more than six countries have established air bubble including Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany. There is a need for COVID PCR test on arrival on Indian Border and if the test is positive then one is required to quarantine.

Indian Visa Online is now available in three types, Indian Tourist Visa is most suitable for sightseeing or visiting friends and family, while commercial trips required Indian Business Visa. If coming for medical reasons, then apply for Indian Medical Visa. Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) can be applied by completing Indian Visa Application Form online. Government of India is taking steps to improve travel arrangements.

Canada Air Bubble

India has taken steps to allow tourism to take place amongst COVID. Allegedly, the air bubble among India and Canada is presently operational with the national transporters of both the countries all equipped to re-establish travel between the two nations.

Alluding to the turn of events, the Director General of Directorate General of Civil Aviation expressed that according to bubble understanding, any Indian holding any sort of Indian Visa, would now be able to venture out to Canada, the United Kingdom, United States and United Arab Emirates. There are three types of Indian Visa that can be acquired electronically called Indian eVisa from this website as per Government of India. Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) can be Indian Tourist Visa, Indian Business Visa or Indian Medical Visa. If you are visiting to check out scenery of India, then Indian Tourist Visa will be sufficient for your needs. It comes in three durations, 1 month, 1 year and 5 years of validity.

Canada is the most recent expansion to the plan, as India figured out how to shape air bubbles or comparable courses of action with different nations, for example, the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and France. India has additionally set up bi-sidelong travel plans with seven nations so far alongside the Maldives and the United Arab Emirates likewise brought under these newly formed air passages.

In spite of the fact that these air bubbles guarantee that individuals will currently be permitted to travel abroad or visit India, they will at present need to experience compulsory COVID tests and isolate rules set by their respective countries. Typically, this is at their own cost in hotel or home.

Presently, as detailed, Indian and Canadian aircrafts can work between these nations. Here are on the whole the subtleties that you have to think about this most recent turn of events.

The individuals who will be permitted to travel to India: All Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) holding Canadian visas, abandoned Indian nationals, and outsiders, including ambassadors, holding a substantial visa from any classification, and who are qualified to enter India according to the Ministry of Home Affairs. You should apply for Indian e-Visa Online on this website. Government of India now accepts electronic applications; Indian Visa Application is generally completed in about 10 - 15 minutes by most applicants.

The individuals who will be permitted to travel to Canada: Stranded Canadian occupants and nationals, any Indian with a legitimate Canadian visa, sailors of both Indian cause and far off nationalities would be dependent upon leeway from the Ministry of Shipping.

Further, Minister of Civil Aviation of India has additionally affirmed that more air rises with different nations will before long be set. India has started reopening its borders as the country agreed to an ‘air travel bubble' with the Maldives, making it the sixth country in the new air corridor.

Wellbeing Protocols on Arrival

  • Ensure social separating consistently
  • All travelers will experience warm screening
  • Passengers demonstrating indications will be isolated quickly at a state run office

United Kingdom Air Bubble

  • UK nationals/occupants, far off nationals traveling through the UK or life partners of these people
  • Any Indian national holding any kind of legitimate UK visa and bound for the UK as it were
  • Seamen holding Indian travel papers

Germany Air Bubble

  • Those with a substantial home grant for Germany
  • Family individuals from Indian nationals heading out to Germany for motivations behind family reunification or for visits for earnest family reasons
  • Seasonal laborers in horticulture

France Air Bubble

  • Indian nationals allowed to travel abroad according to MHA rules and to goals in EU
  • Indian nationals with US Green Cards, Permanent Residency (PR) for Canada, and different nations will be permitted to travel just if the companion is a resident of goal nation
  • Indian sailors subject to freedom from Ministry of Shipping

US Bubble

Returning Lawful Permanent Residents of the U.S.

Canada Bubble

  • Stranded Canadian nationals and inhabitants
  • Any Indian national holding any sort of legitimate Canadian visa.
  • Seamen of far off nationalities; sailors holding Indian visas would be permitted dependent upon freedom from Ministry of Shipping.

For guidance and support contact Indian Visa Help Desk.

Citizens of many countries including Belgian citizens, Peruvian citizens, United States citizens, Mexican citizens and Danish citizens are eligible to apply for Indian e-Visa.