Indian E-Visa, all details explained

When you apply for an Indian Visa there are 2 options, you can apply on Indian Visa Online or you can visit nearest Indian Embassy or High Commission of India.

What is Indian e-Visa (Online Indian Visa)?

Government of India has made it convenient for travellers to enter India given the attraction of India for Tourism, Medical destination and Business visits. There are now 3 distinct types of Electronic Indian Visa available, India E Visa (Indian Visa Online) for Tourism, this includes Yoga, Meeting Family and Friends, Indian E Visa for Business and Indian E Visa for Medical treatment. This is the most convenient form of Visa for India that you can apply from the comfort of your home. You can pay online, receive India E Visa (Indian Visa Online) by email and go to the airport. You do NOT have to visit embassy of India, visit Government of India office or courier your passport.

Who can apply for India E Visa (Indian Visa Online)?

India E Visa (Indian Visa Online) is available to citizens of 180 countries who are eligible for India E Visa (Indian Visa Online). Each traveller to India needs to apply for their own Electronic Indian Visa separately.

  • There is no family India E Visa (Indian Visa Online)
  • There is no group concept in this type of Indian E Visa
  • You should NOT be of Pakistan descent to qualify
  • Purpose should be tourism, medical or business, for instance purpose should not be religious mission, film making or journalism for which there are separate type of visa for India available instead of Indian E Visa (India Visa Online).

How does India E Visa work?

You provide your personal, passport, family details.
You may payment online
You receive India E Visa by email.
You go to Airport.
There is no need to visit Government of India offices, Indian Embassy and Indian Consulate in person or courier your passport.

What is the difference between Indian E Visa and Regular Indian Visa?

All visitors entering India are lawfully required to hold a legitimate visa.

A conventional visa is acquired through an application procedure where the voyager must present their unique identification alongside application materials all together for the visa to be endorsed. Passport is stamped with an Indian Visa in paper. While the traditional procedure itself takes longer and requires more desk work, it has no advantages over Indian E Visa that is given has a more extended legitimacy and permits numerous passages.

Qualified residents going for relaxation/the travel industry, business, or medical purposes have the choice to apply for an Indian Visa on this website Indian Visa Online and obtain the legitimate Government of India approved India E Visa (India Visa Online), and have their visa conceded electronically by Email. The visa will at that point get stamped by the border officer at Airport or Seaport after the identification upon appearance in India, at which time biometrics (fingerprints) will likewise be taken.

You need to carry an electronic copy or paper copy of the Indian E Visa (Indian Visa Online) that you receive by Email from Government of India.

Can I get Indian E Visa On Arrival at the Airport?

Indian Visa On Arrival is described in detail here. No, it is not possible for you to get this electronic Indian E Visa (Indian Visa Online) at the seaport or airport. You have to apply Indian Visa Application Form Online. Airlines will NOT let you board the flight without a valid Indian E Visa (Indian Visa Online).

Which airports can I enter in India on India E Visa (India Visa Online)?

The list of airports where India E Visa is accepted is published and update at Indian eVisa Authorised Ports of Entry. This list includes both seaports and airports.

Can I come by seaport or cruise ship to India on India E Visa?

Yes, you are allowed to enter India by seaports also on the Indian E Visa (Indian Visa Online).

Can you enter by land on India E Visa (India Visa Online)?

The India e-Visa is just legitimate while flying into assigned air terminals or cruising by seaports. Anybody entering India overland or at an alternate air terminal/seaport than those recorded must have a conventional visa stepped inside the travel document also called Ordinary Passport when they show up.

How long is the India E Visa valid for?

India E Visa for Business has legitimacy of 1 Year.

India E Visa for Tourism has validity for 30 Days for 30 day India E Visa from the day of entry into India. India E Visa for Tourism for 1 Year and 5 Years from the day of electronic approval. Business and Tourist India E Visa holders may enter India multiple times, with stays of up to 90 days for tourist purposes and up to 180 days for Business visits. Many nationalities are eligible for stays of up to 180 days for India E Visa for Tourism purposes.

Medical India e Visa are valid for up 60 days from date of entry into India. 3 entries are allowed on India E Visa for Medical visits.

Can I extend my Indian E Visa (India Visa Online)?

India E Visa cannot be extended. Read about how you can prolong your stay in Indian and Government of India policy around Indian E Visa extension and renewal.

What are the requirements to apply for India E Visa (India Visa Online)?

The requirements are:

  • Valid Passport
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Email address
  • Reference in your home country
  • Photo taken from your mobile phone or professionally of your face and passport

What to do after I get India E Visa electronically on my email address?

You should do the following:

  1. Take printout in case your phone battery dies at the airport
  2. Go to airport or cruise ship terminal
  3. Travel on the passport that you mentioned in your India E Visa Application Form
  4. Do NOT go to Indian Embassy or any Government of India office or courier your passport.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your India eVisa.

United States citizens, United Kingdom citizens, Spanish citizens, French citizens, German citizens, Israeli citizens and Australian citizens can apply online for India eVisa.

Please apply for a India Visa 4-7 days in advance of your flight.