Indian Visa Requirements for Portuguese Citizens

Updated on Oct 15, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

Portuguese citizens planning to travel to India can apply for three types of electronic visas: the eTourist visa, eBusiness visa, and eMedical visa.  Portugal is among the 169 nations whose inhabitants qualify for an India eVisa, making their travel arrangements seamless.

Annually, over 54,000 Portuguese citizens journey from Portugal to India to explore the country's exceptional customs, breath taking natural scenery, and captivating past. Portugal is among the 169 nations whose inhabitants qualify for an India eVisa, making their travel arrangements seamless.

The India eVisa is obtainable online and is granted for tourism, business trips, visiting loved ones, and receiving brief medical care. This visa can be secured before the travelers' arrival in India.

Government of India allows visit to India by applying for Indian Visa online on this website for several purposes. For example if your intention for travelling to India relates to a commercial or business purpose, then you are eligible to apply for Indian Business Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Business). If you are planning to go to India as a medical visitor for medical reason, consulting doctor or for surgery or for your health, Government of India has made Indian Medical Visa Online available for your needs (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Medical purposes). Indian Tourist Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Tourist) can be utilised for meeting friends, meeting relatives in India, attending courses like Yoga, or for sight-seeing and tourism.

Visa Types for Portuguese Citizens Traveling to India

Portuguese citizens planning to travel to India can apply for three types of electronic visas: the eTourist visa, eBusiness visa, and eMedical visa.

eTourist Visa

The eTourist visa allows Portuguese citizens to stay in India for up to 90 days for tourism, visiting friends or relatives, or participating in activities such as yoga retreats. The visa is applicable for a single entry and must be used within one year of approval.

eBusiness Visa

Portuguese citizens traveling to India for business purposes can apply for the eBusiness visa. The visa allows double entry and holders can stay for a maximum of 180 days from the first date of entry. This visa can be used for various business activities, including sales/purchases, trade, attending technical/business meetings, setting up industrial/business ventures, delivering lectures, recruiting manpower, participating in exhibitions or business/trade fairs, and acting as an expert/specialist in connection with an ongoing project. The visa must be used within one year of approval.

eMedical Visa

The eMedical visa is a short-term visa that allows Portuguese citizens to enter India three times for medical treatment. Holders can stay in India for a maximum of 60 days. Family members of the visa holder can apply for a Medical Attendant Visa to accompany them.

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Applying for an India eVisa as a Portuguese Citizen

Portuguese citizens can easily apply for an India eVisa online without visiting an Indian embassy or consulate. The entire process is conducted online, making it a cost-effective, easy and a much convenient way to travel to India.

To apply for the eVisa, Portuguese nationals need to fill out an online form, pay the processing fee, and provide necessary information such as personal details, passport information, and travel plans. The eVisa is typically issued promptly after the completion of the application process.

Portuguese applicants should have a valid passport, a debit or credit card, and an email address on hand to complete the online application process.

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Requirements for Portuguese Travelers to Enter India

Portuguese citizens must fulfil specific requirements to be permitted to enter India.

As part of the eVisa application process, applicants must provide details of their return or onward travel from India and demonstrate proof of this by presenting a valid ticket. 

Additionally, applicants' passports must be applicable for a minimum six months from the start of planned travel and have at least two blank pages available.

Upon approval, the eVisa will be sent via email, so it is crucial that applicants verify their email address during the application process. To enter India, travellers must carry a printed copy of their eVisa with them throughout their stay in the country.

The approved electronic visa can be used to enter India by means of any of the 28 designated airports and five seaports. However, entering through an undesignated port of entry will require a standard visa application.

It is important to note that electronic visas cannot be extended and are not applicable for travel to restricted areas. Portuguese travelers should also be aware of the consequences of overstaying their Indian visa.

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Information Required from Portuguese Nationals for India eVisa Application

Portuguese citizens who want to apply for an India eVisa must provide certain personal information. The application form will require their full name, date and place of birth, address, and contact information. They will also need to provide their passport information and nationality.

When filling out the application form, applicants will be asked to provide additional information such as their marital status, profession, or occupation, plans for their visit to India, expected entry and exit ports, a list of countries they have visited in the past ten years, religion, any visible and identifying marks, and their level of education.

Applicants will also need to answer security questions with yes or no answers. Additionally, they will need to submit a scanned color copy of the biographical page of their passport, along with a recent passport-sized color photo.

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