India Online Visa for Mexican Nationals

Updated on May 19, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

Mexican passport holders can enjoy the convenience of an India eVisa for their travels to India. As one of the 169 countries eligible for the eVisa, Mexican citizens can choose from various types of visas depending on their travel purpose, such as tourism, business, visiting family, or short-term medical treatment.

India attracts over 100,000 visitors from Central and South America each year, many of whom are Mexican nationals traveling 15,000 kilometers. These travellers are drawn to India's awe-inspiring architecture, lively culture, and stunning scenery.

Government of India allows visit to India by applying for Indian Visa online on this website for several purposes. For example if your intention for travelling to India relates to a commercial or business purpose, then you are eligible to apply for Indian Business Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Business). If you are planning to go to India as a medical visitor for medical reason, consulting doctor or for surgery or for your health, Government of India has made Indian Medical Visa Online available for your needs (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Medical purposes). Indian Tourist Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Tourist) can be utilised for meeting friends, meeting relatives in India, attending courses like Yoga, or for sight-seeing and tourism.

India eVisa Eligibility for Mexican Passport Holders

The eVisa application process is straightforward, with travellers filling out an online form before their trip. Approval of the visa typically takes 2 to 4 business days, making travel to India from Mexico more accessible than ever.

Types of India Visas Available for Mexican Citizens

Mexican passport holders seeking to travel to India can apply for three different types of online visas: eTourist, eBusiness, and eMedical. The eTourist visa is a single-entry visa that permits travellers to stay in India for up to 90 days for tourism, visit family or friends, or stays at wellness retreats. The eBusiness visa is a double-entry visa that permits stays of up to 180 days for business-related activities, such as attending meetings, tours, or exhibitions.

Mexican citizens can also apply for an eMedical visa, allowing entry to India three times for short-term medical treatment, with a maximum stay of 60 days. Holders of these visas must arrive in India within one year of approval. It is important to note that electronic visas cannot be extended and do not permit travel to restricted areas.

Indian Government has brought about significant changes to its Visa policy since September 2019. The options available to the visitors for India Visa are perplexing because of multiple overlapping options for the same purpose. Learn more at What Types of Indian Visa are available

How to Apply for an India Online Visa from Mexico

Mexican citizens can easily apply for an India eVisa online, eliminating the need to visit an Indian embassy or consulate in person. Thanks to the efficient online system, the entire application and approval process can becompleted in as little as two business days.

To successfully fill out the online application form, Mexican applicants must have a valid passport, a debit or credit card for payment, and a valid email address. Once approved, the eVisa will be sent to the email address provided during the application process.

Upon arrival in India, travellers must present and carry a printed copy of their eVisa throughout their travels. The eVisa allows Mexican citizens to enjoy the convenience of a fast and efficient trip to India.

India Visa Application Form was a paper based form until 2014. Since then, majority of travellers and avail the benefits of online application process. Common questions regarding the Indian Visa Application, as to who needs to complete it, the information required in the application, duration it takes to complete, any preconditions, eligibility requirements, and payment method guidance is already provided in detail at this link. Learn more at Indian Visa Application Process

Required Documents for Mexican Citizens Applying for an Indian eVisa

Mexican citizens applying for an Indian eVisa must fulfil certain requirements and provide specific documents during the application process.

Applicants must possess a current passport that remains applicable for at least six months beyond their expected arrival date in India. It is important to note that passports should have at least two blank pagesremaining for entry and exit stamps.

As part of the eVisa application, Mexican travellers must provide details about their travel plans, including their intended length of stay in India, the entry and exit ports they plan to use, and a list of all countries they have visited in the last ten years. They must also submit proof of their onward or return travel from India, such as a ticket confirmation.

By following these requirements and providing the necessary documents, Mexican passport holders can apply for an Indian eVisa with confidence and enjoy their travel to India.

You need to be aware that getting an Indian Visa online (eVisa India) requires a set of supporting documents. These documents are different depending on the Type of Indian Visa you are applying. Learn more at Documents required for Indian Online Visa (India eVisa)

Personal Information Required for Mexican Citizens Applying for an Indian eVisa

Mexican citizens applying for an Indian eVisa must provide personal Information as part of the application process. The Information required includes:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address and contact information
  • Passport information and nationality
  • Marital status
  • Profession or occupation
  • Religion
  • Identifying marks
  • Educational level

In addition, applicants must answer various security questions as part of the application process. They must also submit a scanned color copy of their passport information page and a recent passport-sized photo.

The image must be in color, with a white background, and clearly show the applicant's face and head. The face should be centered and visible from the crown to the tip of the chin.

By providing accurate and complete personal Information, Mexican travelers can successfully apply for an Indian eVisa and enjoy their travels in India.

You need to be aware that getting an Indian Visa online (eVisa India) requires a set of supporting documents. These documents are different depending on the Type of Indian Visa you are applying. Learn more at India Visa Photo Requirements

India eVisa Entry Ports for Mexican Travelers

Mexican travellers with approved India eVisas can enter the country through any of the 28 designated airports and five seaports that serve as official ports of entry. These include significant airports such as Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, and Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru.

Travelers can also enter through seaports such as Mumbai Port, Chennai Port, and Cochin Port, among others.

It is important to note that travellers must exit from one of the authorized Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) when leaving India. If a traveller wishes to enter through a port not on the official ports of the entry list, they must apply for a standard visa at an Indian embassy or consulate.

You can come to India by 4 modes of travel: by air, by train, by bus or by cruiseship. Only 2 modes of entry for India Visa Online (eVisa India) are valid, by air and by cruise ship. Learn more at Indian e-Visa Entry Points and Rules

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Citizens of many countries including United States, Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, United Kingdom, are eligible for Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) including visiting beaches of India on tourist visa. Resident of over 180 countries quality for Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) as per Indian Visa Eligibility and apply the Indian Visa Online offered by the Government of India.

Should you have any doubts or require assistance for your trip to India or Visa for India (eVisa India), you can apply for the Indian Visa Online right here and if you need any need any help or require any clarifications you should contact Indian Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.