India eVisa Requirements from Cameroon

Updated on May 07, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

India is a popular destination for millions of tourists annually, including those from Cameroon who visit for various reasons, such as leisure, medical treatments, and business. The e-visa option caters to short-term trips for Cameroonian travelers to India.

 To accommodate the steady flow of tourism, the Indian government introduced the electronic visa system, which is available to eligible citizens of Cameroon.

Government of India allows visit to India by applying for Indian Visa online on this website for several purposes. For example if your intention for travelling to India relates to a commercial or business purpose, then you are eligible to apply for Indian Business Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Business). If you are planning to go to India as a medical visitor for medical reason, consulting doctor or for surgery or for your health, Government of India has made Indian Medical Visa Online available for your needs (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Medical purposes). Indian Tourist Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Tourist) can be utilised for meeting friends, meeting relatives in India, attending courses like Yoga, or for sight-seeing and tourism.

Types of Indian e-Visas Available for Cameroon Visitors

Cameroonians planning to travel to India can now choose from different types of Indian e-Visas depending on the purpose of their visit. It is essential to carefully review the requirements and conditions of each e-Visa type before applying. The Indian government has provided various e-Visa options to cater to the needs of different categories of travelers, including tourists, businesspeople, and medical tourists. The three types of Indian e-Visas available for Cameroonians are e-Tourist visas, e-Business visas, and e-Medical Visas. Applicants should ensure they apply for the correct visa type and provide accurate information to avoid complications during their visit to India.

Indian e-Tourist Visa for Cameroon Travelers

The Indian e-Tourist Visa is a popular choice for Cameroonian citizens planning to visit India for tourism purposes. This type of e-Visa allows multiple entries and a maximum stay of 90 days in one visit, with a total validity of 1 year from the date of issue. This means that Cameroonian visitors can come and go as often as they wish, as long as they stay within the 90-day limit per stay.

In addition to tourism, the Indian e-Tourist visa allows Cameroonians to attend short-term yoga programs in India. However, it is imperative to note that the e-Tourist Visa does not permit visitors to engage in business activities during their stay in India. Applicants should ensure they meet all the requirements and provide accurate information while applying for the e-Tourist Visa to avoid any issues during their trip to India.

Indian e-Business Visa for Cameroonians

Cameroonian travelers who intend to conduct business activities in India can apply for an Indian e-Business visa. This type of e-Visa allows a maximum of two entries into India and a total stay period of 180 days from the first entry date. Cameroonians can use the entire stay period in one entry or divide it into two at their convenience.

The Indian e-Business visa is ideal for Cameroonians who plan to engage in business meetings, attend conferences or trade shows, and explore business opportunities in India. However, the e-Business visa does not permit visitors to take up employment or pursue any other business activities other than those mentioned above.

Applicants should carefully review the requirements and provide all the necessary documents and accurate information while applying for an Indian e-Business visa to ensure a hassle-free experience during their visit to India.


India eVisa Frequently Asked Questions

Indian e-Medical Visa for Cameroon Nationals

The Indian e-Medical Visa is a convenient option for Cameroonians seeking medical treatment in India. This type of e-Visa allows for a short-term travel authorization, providing up to three entries into the country within a valid period of 60 days from the date of issue.

The Indian e-Medical Visa is only available for patients from Cameroon and not for individuals accompanying them for non-medical reasons. However, family members from Cameroon who wish to attend to a medical patient can apply for the Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa. This type of Visa allows them to assist patients with their medical needs and treatment in India.

It is essential to provide accurate information and all the necessary documents while applying for an Indian e-Medical visa to ensure smooth processing and avoid complications during medical treatment in India.

e-Visa Requirements for Cameroonians Traveling to India

Cameroonians who wish to apply for an Indian e-Visa must fulfill specific requirements set by the Indian government. It is essential to carefully review and meet all the needs to avoid delay or rejection of the eVisa application.

Regardless of the type of e-Visa (e-Tourist, e-Business, e-Medical/e-Medical Attendant), Cameroonian applicants must meet the following requirements to obtain an Indian eVisa:

  • A valid Cameroon passport: The passport must be applied for at least six months from entry into India.
  • A digital-style photo: A recent photograph of the Cameroonian applicant's face must be submitted along with the eVisa application.
  • A working email address: A valid email address must be provided to receive the Indian e-Visa electronically.
  • A valid credit/debit card: Payment of the eVisa processing fee will be expected at the final stage of the Indian eVisa application.

It is important to note that meeting all the entry requirements does not guarantee the approval of the eVisa. Cameroonians must ensure that all the information provided is accurate and complete to avoid any complications or delays in eVisa application processing.


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Additional Requirements for Indian e-Business Visa for Cameroon Travelers

Apart from the standard e-Visa requirements for traveling to India, Cameroonians who are traveling to India for business purposes and are applying for an e-Business Visa must provide additional supporting documents.

These documents include:

A copy or scanned image of the Cameroon business traveler's business card. The business card must display the full name of the applicant, the company name located in Cameroon, and some contact details such as an email address.

In the absence of a business card, Cameroon business travelers have the option of submitting a business letter. This invitation letter must be issued by the Indian company and addressed to the Cameroonian traveler. The letter should contain the Indian company letterhead, address, and contact details and must be signed.

Requirements for Cameroonian Medical Patients Applying for India's e-Medical Visa

In addition to the general e-Visa requirements, Cameroonian citizens seeking medical treatment in India must also submit a signed letter from the hospital in India. This letter must be on the hospital's letterhead and addressed to the Cameroonian patient.


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How to Apply for an Indian e-Visa from Cameroon

Cameroonian travelers who meet the Indian eVisa requirements can easily apply for an electronic travel permit online from the comfort of their household. The application process is straightforward and involves providing personal information, passport details, answering security-related questions, and sharing health information.

After applying, it usually takes 2-4 business days for Cameroonians to receive their approved eVisa via email. Travelers should print a copy of their e-Visa approval and carry it if an immigration officer requests to see it upon entry into India.

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