The Indian Visa for Japanese Passport Holders

Updated on Jan 14, 2024 | Indian e-Visa

The different digital visas issued by the Indian Authorities are referred to as Indian E-Visas. The name E-Visas is short for electronic visas which suggest that the visas can be gained electronically on the internet. The Indian E-Visa can be gained by the passport holders of Japan.

The Indian electronic Visa granted to the citizens of Japan is divided into three subcategories that include:

  • An Indian Tourist E-Visa for the citizens of Japan.
  • An Indian Business E-Visa for the citizens of Japan.
  • An Indian Medical E-Visa for the citizens of Japan.

Once the Japanese applicant has made up their mind about which Visa type is the most suitable for them, they can apply for one. This application action must be done before they start flying to India. The entire process of gaining a digital Visa for India is made easier with the service of application and approval available on the internet entirely. 

The application form is a non-complex and simple form which provides applicants with empty fields in which they will be asked information about their personal details, travel plan to India and passport details as well.

Benefits Of Obtaining an Indian Visa Online

The Indian Electronic Visa Is A Speedy Method Of Gaining A Visa To India

The Indian E-Visa is a fast-track method of gaining a visa as it not only takes only four days at max to approve an applicants' Visa, but also offers many options too. Those options provide even speedier methods of gaining a Visa to India like regular visa, urgent Visa and immediate Visa options through which the applicant can gain a visa according to their time preference and on time which will suit their travel plans in the best way possible. 

If there is no high demand for the visa, or if no weekends or public holidays are falling in the number of working days mentioned in the visa, then the visa can also arrive much speedier than the anticipated time. 

The Indian Electronic Visa Is a Budget-Friendly Method Of Gaining A Visa To India

The Indian electronic Visa is affordable for most applicants. This is because it saves a lot of money on travelling to embassies and consulate offices for gaining a Visa. Moreover, the standard fee for an electronic Visa charged by the Indian Government is pretty adorable as compared to the other mediums of gaining a Visa. 

No money is charged for stamping the Visa upon arrival which is contrary to the other methods of gaining a Visa to India. 

Do The Citizens Of Japan Need To Hold An Indian E-Visa For Travelling And Entering In India

Yes, they do! 

Each citizen of Japan will be asked to show a valid visa for travelling and staying in India upon their arrival in the international airports of the country. The applicant has to strictly follow many rules and regulations associated with the Indian electronic Visa. Some of the rules and regulations associated with Japanese passports are: the passport must be valid for six months from the starting date of the Visa. 

The Japanese passport should moreover have 02 blank pages. This is simply because the immigration stamp will be stamped on the passport of the Japanese individual. This stamp will be stamped upon arrival in India and upon departure from India too. This stamp is usually given by the border control authorities of India during entrance and exit of the traveller from India. 

The period for which Visa will stay valid for the Japanese individual to enter and exit India heavily depends on the kind of Visa they are applying for. This means that each Visa type will have different numbers of days or months for which it will be valid. If the applicant is opting for the Tourist Visa, then they can expect a validity period of 180 days only which won't allow them to stay in the country for more than 180 days. 

If the Japanese passport holder is opting for a Business Visa, then they can expect a Visa validity period of six months. If the Japanese citizen wants to apply for a medical visa, then the validity will be for two months. The number of entries are also different for each Visa type. This means that the Indian Tourist E-Visa can be used for a single entry only. 

The India Business E-Visa can be used for a multiple entry and the Indian Medical E-Visa can be used for triple entries. It may occur that without a printed copy of the visa, the traveller may face some problems at the airport security section or Visa Immigration section. 

That's why it is recommended to each applicant to always keep a hard copy of the Visa with them so that they do not have to face any Visa related issues with the authorities at the airport. 

All The Indian Visa Requirements for The Citizens Of Japan

There are many requirements and rules related to the Indian electronic Visa which must be abided by each applicant. As an example, the Japanese traveller must learn about the requirements through which they can avoid a visa refusal and waste of money too for the Visa. 

The Indian E-Visa is generally sent to the applicant in their email inbox once the visa has been approved and issued by the Government of India. The biometric information and details of the applicant will be collected from them once they arrive in the country. It usually takes place during the arrival in the country. 

Along with the collection of personal information, the applicant should also keep in mind that their passport will be given a stamp during arrival. So empty pages must be kept ready. 

What Is The Needful Documentation For Issuing An Indian Visa To A Japanese Passport Holder

The list of needful documentation and items which are essential to be collected and kept ready before filling the application form are as follows: 

  • A digital image of the Japanese passport holder in which their entire face is clearly visible and no parts of the face is hidden by scarves or turbans, etc. 
  • A passport which has the mentioned validity period. 
  • A scanned copy of the informational page of the applicants' passport. 
  • Personal details about the Japanese passport holder which has been provided by them itself. 
  • A valid and wisely accepted mode of payment which will work in the payment section.

You need to be aware that getting an Indian Visa online (eVisa India) requires a set of supporting documents. These documents are different depending on the Type of Indian Visa you are applying. Learn more at Documents required for Indian Online Visa (India eVisa).

What Application Steps for an Indian Visa Must Be Followed By The Citizens Of Japan

Here is a detailed step by step guide through which a Japanese applicant can apply for an Indian E-Visa and gain an approved visa too. The steps included are as follows:

Fill The Application Form

The first and foremost step for gaining an Indian Visa is filling out an electronic application questionnaire on the internet.

Pay The Visa Charges

Once the form has been accurately filled with no errors or false information, the Japanese passport holder is asked to pay the visa charges online. Once the charges or Visa fees have been filled, the applicant will be receiving updates and current status of the Visa via the medium of email. 

In some cases, the applicant may be asked to provide certain essential documentation which will be vital to aid the Visa application process and fasten the approval results too. Make sure to provide all the documents asked accurately. 

Stay Updated at All Times

Usually, it takes two to four days to gain an updated and approved Visa issued by the Indian Government. That's why, the Japanese applicant has to keep themselves updated at all times about the status of their Visa by checking the inbox of their mail regularly after the first two days of sending the visa for approval. 

The key to knowing the approved status of the Visa is to keep ourselves always updated about the Visa via email because that is the only medium through which any updates will be communicated with the applicant. 

The time taken to process the Visa largely depends on the processing time chosen by the applicant on their Visa. This means that the time taken for a regular visa to process and get approved is three days. The time taken for an urgent Visa application is two working days. And the time taken for an immediate Visa request is one working day. 

Thus, based on how quickly the applicant needs an approved Visa, they must choose from processing time accordingly in their Visa. 

The following actions which must be done by the applicant after they have sent their Visa for approval are as follows: 

  • Gained mail from the Indian authorities regarding and appraised Indian E-Visa. This mail will be gained in the email inbox of that address which has been mentioned in the application form. 
  • The Visa can be gained online. But it cannot be shown through any device. Due to this, the applicant needs to always have a hard copy of the visa with them from the start of their journey to the ending of their journey to India. 

An essential step to follow here is that the applicant needs to collect and keep all the required documents ready. These are the same documents which were required to fill the application form earlier. This documentation will be used for submitting to the authorities at the airport when the applicant arrives in India. 

Complete The Procedures Upon Arrival in India

Once the applicant has arrived in India, they will have to stay in the airport of the seaport through which they have arrived in the country and gain a stamp at the border control of the entry checkpoint by the border control authorities and officials. 

The Japanese citizen will be required to present the hard copy of their Visa to the Indian authorities when they are taking entry in the country. The officials will stamp the visa at the Immigration department and then check the essential documentation too. 

After all these formalities at the airport are done, the Japanese traveller is free to explore the country and stay in the country for the valid period of the visa. 

For arrival and exit purposes, the citizens of Japan with the Indian E-Visa can make use of the 28 designated airports. And five seaports. The entry and exit ports in India through which the citizen of Japan can take entry are in Indian states which include: 

  • Ahmedabad 
  • Delhi 
  • Gaya
  • Lucknow 
  • Mumbai 
  • Kolkata and many more. 

The seaports through which the Japanese passport holder can enter the country are in the Indian states which include: 

  • Cochin 
  • Goa
  • Chennai

The applicant is advised to choose their entry and exit ports wisely and must only enter and exit through those ports only. The Japanese applicant should also make sure that they are following every rule and regulation related to the Indian electronic Visa by entering the country and exiting from the country before the visa expires and becomes invalid. 

The Indian Visa for Japanese Passport Holders Summary

Japanese citizens, it's time to pack your bags and start planning for a vacation in India as the E-Visa is an incredible medium through which you can gain a valid visa to travel to the beautiful states of India. This article has covered mostly all the important details which will surely be required to refer to when you are planning your trip to India. 

This article will help you fill the application form in the most accurate and fault free manner. It will also enable the Japanese applicants to not make any mistakes or errors in the application form or the application process which may lead to Visa disapproval and cancellation. Following all the above-mentioned steps properly will ensure that the applicant receives their Indian E-Visa on time and travels to India on time too! 

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